Saturday, October 10, 2009

Football Observations

- The Samford press box isn't big enough to have 40 Auburn fans in it watching their team lose. I really want to yell, give up and go away. I mean I know my team lost but at least we made it somewhat of a game.

- The Samford band plays a song that I can only recall as "Jesus Is Still Alright WIth Me" by DC Talk. I know the Doobie Brothers sang the original but I still only hear Toby Mac..."Toby Mac, and the Mac is back, no slack. On a DC track that jacked..." Oh boy. I should stop now.

- I just don't think being the only guy on the cheerleader squad is worth it. There's got to at least be two. You know, the buddy system. Otherwise, you're just "that guy" that is on the all-girl cheerleading squad.

- There's always that one old guy who will shake is boo-tay for a free...well anything.

- Along with cheering, whistling marching band tunes, should be prohibited from the press box.

- Rain always makes things more fun.

- And it's always a good day when Ole Miss loses.

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