Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun Times In The 'Ham

Wow. I'm a horrible blogger considering that I've blogged about mindless things the past week and not about the fun things that have happened in my life lately. Basically, it's been laziness on my part on getting picture off my camera.

So here goes...

About a week and a half ago, I went out to Workplay with some of my friends/student workers to see Dave Barnes. It's been a mighty long time since I've seen ol' Dave play, and I was so pumped for this night. He's actually been to Samford several times since I saw him last at Zydeco. Yet work has kept me from attending.

Anyway, so Sydney and I set out to meet Caroline and Ruth and a couple other girls to eat at Iguana Grill, my new favorite mexican food joint. Oh. So. Good.

After some good eats, we headed downtown to Southside to Workplay. The guy that opened up for Dave, Andrew Ripp, was pretty much awesome and then Dave came out and well, rocked it. He did a very intimate, living room type setting and it was just Dave, no BGVs (that's background vocals, for you amateurs out there).

He did a lot of new stuff and now I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for that new album to drop at the beginning of the year. It's some hearty, good stuff. Real and gritty, yet soulful and smooth. I'm so excited. And I just just can't hide it. Okay, I'll stop.

The proof is in the pictures. Enjoy.

A little blurry shot of Dave rocking out.

He often does weird hand motions. Like this.

Sweaty Dave and me. We planned to dress alike in our navy blue button-ups with the sleeves rolled. It's just how we roll. And according to him, this will be the Christmas card.

The girls - Sydney, Ruth, me and Caroline (please disregard the double chin and slightly cracked out look I have on my face.

And a little video for you. It's a new one. I hope this isn't breaking any laws or anything. If so, somebody let me know and I'll just take this little baby off. It's a little hard to understand what he's saying anyway.

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