Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Party '09

Last Friday, we had the Pumpkin Party of '09 at Kelly's house. Friends from small group and other places gathered to participate in the annual pumpkin carving contest and partake of some good eats.

I don't think I've ever really been a fan of Halloween. Sure, when I was little I was all about some trick-or-treating and stuffing myself full of candy. But I've never been a fan of the scary, horror side of Halloween. It's just not my cup 'o tea, if you will. I mean I've had probably six costumes in 26 years of living -- a cheerleader (alive and dead), a bear, a witch, Gilligan (which was totally a 5-minute or less construction) and a Firehouse Dalmatian (another last minute idea).

See, I put all my creativity into the pumpkin. Kelly guts the pumpkin and I do all the creative stuff. At least, that's how she puts it.

Two years ago, it was the Up-Chucker...

Last year, it was the Butt-Grabber...

This year, the mummy...

Fun times were had by all though. Some people really went all out.

Raymond brought out the power tools for some serious business this year.

Kelly and I broke out a little power tool of our own.

However, as it always seems, fun and creativity can only take you so far. Kelly and I have never taken the top prize because well, we don't take it as seriously as everyone else.

Tim (TIMMY!!!!) won the whole sha-bang again (over-achiever!) with his incredible headless horseman carving (center). That's it in the front.He even put a strobe in there next to the candle. Look closely and you can see the Mortal Combat pumpkin in the back that won second. It's the dragon that looks like a wolf. But y'all, that's a dragon. Not a wolf. Don't call it a dragon, lest you fall under the wrath of the pumpkin carving gods.

And see our little mummy right there on the left. He was covered in glow-in-the-dark paint. But he wasn't so much glowy in the dark-y. And y'all I just love that cross pumpkin in the front.

This year saw the first gourd entry. Which was cute. But the pictures didn't turn out so well for that one.

So, that wraps up this year's Pumpkin Extravaganza.

I'm already sketching for next year.

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