Tuesday, January 19, 2010

24 Observations

24 observations. Not 24 observations. That would just be crazy. While I was losing sleep last night watching Jack Bauer save the world...again...I noticed some things that I just couldn't let slip. Here they are. Just to clarify, there aren't 24. It's just 6.

1. Why was Jack wearing a man purse when he approached the house of the slain victims of the assasain? Jack, a man purse? Really?

2. I'm pretty sure cursing at the man who just shot your wife in the leg and is now holding a gun to your head is not going to help your sitch-ee-ay-shun.

3. Why hasn't Jack (or Chloe for that matter) been promoted to CTU director yet? Chloe's attitude may be hindering her promotion but she and Jack both outsmart everybody, EVERY. TIME. You'd think these people would learn by now.

4. Do. Not. Underestimate. Chloe. Period.

5. It's funny how CTU 2.0 (Thanks to BooMama for that term) people think Chloe and Jack are idiots yet it's ironic that they both basically ARE CTU.

6. Say hello to Renee Walker, folks. The female Jack Bauer. Homegirl sawed off Russian dude's hand. SAWED IT CLEAN OFF. I have to say, I underestimated Renee.

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