Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowpalooza '10

Let's just talk about this right now.

Yesterday, we were under a "Winter Weather Advisory". The whole metro-Birmingham area freaked out, closing school and what-not. Samford even closed after everyone in my office decided to "work from home" Thursday, as to not put ourselves in a dangerous situation trying to get to work.

One to two inches was forecasted for yesterday. You wanna know how long it snowed in my neck of the woods yesterday? Huh? 'Round about 20 minutes. And it didn't even stick. Yet, there was considerable ice on the road and seeing that I live off a "windy road at the top of a mountain", I didn't leave my house once yesterday. Visions of my sliding off one side or the other down a ravine full of trees just wasn't conjuring up warm and cozy feelings for me.

I enjoyed the day off yesterday, considering that I took the day off on Monday to go to the doctor and woke up at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday after crawling out from under a drug-induced coma. (Let's just say, I won't ever confuse teaspoons and tablespoons again.)

So basically, I've only worked one and a half days this week (Tuesday all day and four hours on Wednesday), not counting today. But today, oh TODAY. As our Chief of Campus Safety said today, "Apparently the weather we expected yesterday decided to take off and watch the ball game last night and is making its presence known today."

It's a freakin' blizzard outside.

I woke up this morning to check the e-mail for maybe another day of cancellations but nothing showed. Then around 8 a.m., I looked outside and noticed some flurries but considering yesterday's "big showing", I didn't think much of it. As I opened my door to head out, around 9:54 a.m. this morning (because I can do that when I have to work until 9:54 p.m.), it was like I'd opened a door to an alternate universe. Snow was flying every which way, and I had a right mind to go right back inside and call it a day.

Still, I pressed on, down the mountain, creeping at a reckless 1.5 miles per hour, arriving to campus as the snow just got thicker and colder and harder.

Now, we are just waiting for Tennessee-Temple (someone please tell me why we are playing a non-NCAA school in the middle of conference season) to ring-a-ding-ding and say that it's just not safe for the trek all the way from Chattanooga.

So, my question is, what good is a "snow day", when the snow comes 24 hours later?

Answer me that, James Spann. (P.S. I love you.)

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