Friday, January 22, 2010

Sometimes He Just Wants You To Say Yes

(I apologize that recently fun and usually sarcastic blog about my life has turned into a place where basically I preach. Not intended. It's just that God is working in my heart right now and he's given me things lately that I just can't NOT share with the world.)

I've been reading this precious girl's blog for a while and I'm sure I've shared about her before. I'm amazed everyday by her reckless abandon to obey God and be a part of his plan to accomplish his will in all nations. God, make me this passionate to see your glory and reknown across the world.

Today's post spoke to my heart and I just wanted to share it with whoever is out there reading. It paralleled what I've been studying in my daily reading of God's word. I recently read the story of Abraham and Isaac, when God asked Abraham to kill Isaac as a sacrifice to him (Genesis 22:1-19). If you don't know this story, please go read it.

We all know how it ends. God shows again his great plan for redemption when he provides a ram in the thicket to serve as a substitute for Isaac. I don't think God's ultimate plan was for Abraham to kill his son. I think he was just testing Abraham's faith, seeing if he was willing to go the whole way with this obedient faith thing.

After reading Katie's post today, I think, no, I know (as does she), that God was doing the same in her heart. He just wanted to see if she was willing to say yes.

I think I'm getting to the point where God is about to ask me to say yes. I'm a little afraid, but God's given me his Word to look to so that I know the ending of the story.

Please continue to pray for Katie as she ministers to those who need it most. And pray for me as I try to be obedient and muster up the faith to just say yes.

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