Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog-Linkity Goodness 1.20.10

That's weird that I just had to type 10 instead of 09. I mean I've done it for almost a month now but somehow it was more weird just now.

Anyway, here are some interesting bits that I've found around the internets lately.

1. My mom and I have discussed at length several times the unfairness of the SEC basketball schedule this year. (Yes, my mom and I discuss sports more than my dad and I do. Dysfunctional yet it works.) Due to the television deals the conference has made, many teams are playing Thursday-Saturday stint with little to no time to prepare. For example, in February, Mississippi State plays Ole Miss on a Thursday, Auburn on a Saturday and Kentucky on the next Tuesday. That's three games against three tough teams in six days. It does help that the games are all in Starkville but imagine if those were all road games. The Bulldogs wouldn't be given a chance going into the game against Kentucky. Anyway, all this to say, Jerry Tipton of the Herald-Leader in Kentucky wrote great article about this situation.

2. Paps is making history with his contract. Dude signed a one-year contract worth $6.25 million, the largest deal in history for a closer who was eligible for arbitration for the first time. Just one question, at 26 years of age, am I still eligible for adoption?

3. Last sports story. Promise. This was just too good not to share. Good times, Knoxville. Good times.

4. This post by Jon Acuff spoke straight to my heart and made me realize that sometimes God has a purpose for making us invisible.

5. This angers me to no end. People are dying left and right from curable injuries because plane after plane with medical supplies are not being allowed to land in Haiti. There is a hospital three hours from Port-au-Prince filled to the brim with injured people that is about to have to shut down because they don't have enough supplies to treat the people there.

It's frustrating to sit here in my comfortable chair in my sturdy office and on my comfortable couch in my warm home in from of my televisioni and watch the days go by where, in the midst of miracle after miracle of survivors being pulled from week-old rubble, the death toll escalates because people with broken legs and broken arms are dying because they aren't getting treated.

God, help these people!

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