Friday, January 1, 2010

Holla Oh-Nine, See Ya On The Flip

2009 was a good year. It was a different year. There were lots of highs and lots of lows.

I saw two best friends get married. Said goodbye to a great childhood friend forever. Went through my quarter-life crisis. Turned 26 on the 26th of July. And fell in love with Central Park. Just a few of the milestones.

But overall, I'd have to say that 2009 was a year in which my life completely changed.

My prayer for several years has been that God would give me the desires of His heart. When I started praying this, it sounded good, so I adopted it. I was going through a serious life change -- saying goodbye to the life I once knew, and finding myself searching for a new life in a new city with new friends.

I never actually thought God would give me the desires of His heart. I'm 26. Still single, way single. And although, deep down inside, I long for that husband, that house, those kids, my deep down desires have shifted.

My passion -- sports -- has changed. My passion is now finding ways that I can spread the love of Christ and live out James 1:27 the best way I know how. My desire for a career in sports has changed to a desire for a career in missions ministry or a charitable organization. My desire to spend every waking moment at an athletic event because "It's sports! I love sports!" has drastically changed to a desire for a career that actually allows me to build a life outside of work.

It's been a tough year. But it's been a great year. God's been working deep down inside of me in a way I never knew he could, and he's made me realize my potential for making a difference in his name in a different capacity that I never saw myself in.

I've never been big on resolutions because why make a list of things to accomplish when I know I'm going to fail. (Gotta love my confidence, eh?) However, there are a lot of things that I know I could do better and a few that I know I could do to make me a better person, so I'm make a list of those things. Call 'em resolutions, call 'em a bunch of things I want to do. Whatev. It's a list.

1. Read through the bible chronologically. With the help of my church, my pastor and my small group, this is something I know I want to accomplish this year. My pastor, David Platt, has challenged our faith family to do this. It's a series this year that we will read through the bible chronologically, he will teach what we are reading, and we will go deeper in that study in our small groups. Frankly, I'm excited.

2. Work out more/be healthier. I don't have a good family history of health. Both of my parents remind me of this every time they see me. There is history of cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. All things I want to stay away from. Not to mention, if I can get rid of this innertube around my waist, I might feel a little better about myself too.

3. Be a better employee. God has given me the job I have for a reason. I've enjoyed it for the past three and a half years. Although my desires for the future have changed significantly, that doesn't give me the right to do a (pardon my french) half-ass job at what I do. (Not that I am doing a half-ass job, I just know that I'm not putting 100 percent into it like I know I can and I should. My attitude and my work ethic must change.

4. Take steps toward my future. I can sit and write and talk about what I want my future to look like in terms of my career all I want to, but if I don't take steps to make contacts and get my foot in the door, there's nothing anyone else can do for me.

So, here's to a new year sure to bring new experiences, new opportunities and new friends.

Hello, 2010. Nice to meet you.

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