Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If Adam Doesn't Win AI, That New Show Glee Would Be A Good Fallback

Since it was the finale, and I missed my little Macbook all day, I thought, what a better way to bond with the Macbook than to recap some AI.

Round One

Adam, "Mad World" -- People, he's just too theatrical. Yes, the kid can sing but I'm putting myself in a concert-goer's shoes right now. From what I've seen of Adam this season, his forte' is the slow "theater-type" ballads, in my opinion. So, I'm thinking that a concert of his would have a lot of that in it. Except, that gets a little boring. He got a little boring in this first piece. Praise Jesus, he kept his tongue in his mouth, but I have to admit, I was bored to tears. I'm thinking to enjoy a song of his at one of his concerts there's got to be a whole lot going on behind him to keep my attention.

Randy looks fly tonight.

Kara is such an Adam lover. Yuck.

Paula, shut it. We want to know what you thought about the song.

Simon just said what I was thinking. "A little bit over-theatrical."

Kris, "Ain't No Sunshine" -- This makes me so happy. I love a boy with a musical instrument. THIS, folks, is why Kris (with a K) should be (will be) the next American Idol. When an artist utilizes their talent on an instrument, it brings the performance to a whole new level. You can totally see the passion and love of the art come out of Kris when he is playing that piano or strumming that guitar, something Adam Lambert never has had on this show. When compared to Kris, Adam's passion looks downright phony. Kris Allen has a way of making you feel everything about a song. He connects with his audience in such a special and intimate way. Plus, this is one of my favorite songs ever, so he gets bonus points from Katie for this.

I loved it when he did this song on Motown night and I loved it now. His voice is so pure and I just don't see how you can't love this kid.

Kara just redeemed herself for me with this statement: "I agree with Randy. If you can't feel a Kris Allen performance and he doesn't move you, there's something wrong with you."

Simon Says...round one goes to Kris.

Round Two

Adam, "Change Is Gonna Come" -- I'm sorry, but I don't think this can every top Syesha Mercado's version of this. I think it would've been better without all the yelling. It was good song and it actually fit him but it was still a little theatrical to me. I guess that's what you get with Adam Lambert though. But I'm a little afraid after this performance. It was good.

Iconic, Paula? Really? 

Kris, "What's Goin' On" -- The instruments again. This time a guitar. Look at that. An artist who can do more than just stand there and sing and stick their tongue out. (Bitter, much?)

What's with Simon Fuller picking socially conscious songs for the contestants? Agenda, anyone?

I'll take "three friends in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye" any day over seeing someone's tongue eject out of their mouth every time they sing. Ahem.

Simon Says...round two goes to Adam.

Round Three

Adam, "No Boundaries" -- He hasn't even finished the first verse and I already don't like it. This song was written for Kris. Adam's voice is too harsh for this song. It's the truth. And the passion just isn't there. It's not sincere. I think it's hard for someone who's grown up in the theater to really emote a song sincerely because all you know is acting. That's the unfortunate thing about Adam because he really is talented. Just the wrong kind of talent for this show. 

Pitchy. Very pitchy. And Adam knows it. He struggled a little. 

(And Adam quit sucking up. She didn't give YOU that song. She gave Idol that song.)

Kris, "No Boundaries" -- Ok, so this is a hard song to sing. This was a little pitchy for Kris as well but I still think it was written for him. A soft rocker. It was like the key was too high. And Randy just said what I was thinking again. The song fit his voice. 

Tonight he showed that he can change it up. He can play the piano one song, the guitar the next, and then with no instrument the next. That's what American Idol's do. 

Katie Says...the title goes to ....Kris!

Now I have six more minutes to vote. Gotta use my time wisely. 

Take it away, Carrie Underwood! (I hope Kyle Nichols is watching.)

P.S. Did anyone see Glee after American Idol? If Adam doesn't win AI, which I'm praying he doesn't, I'm sure he's be a shoe-in for this show. However, I'm a sucker for a good musical comedy. 

P.P.S. This Glee show is totally a TV documentary of Attache. Except Attache would be the group that scared the living daylights out of the glee club with their rendition of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab".


  1. You're right. Kris makes you feel the music while Adam makes you listen. Big difference.

  2. I totally checked youtube for Attache after I read your post. You should check it out, Katie. I am a total show choir nerd.

    Anyway, I could not agree more with you about Kris with a K. I love that guy. Everything you said in your post was EXACTLY what I was thinking when I watched last night. I cannot wait to see the results show!!

  3. Good grief!
    Wasting you time watching the Idol stuff. Remember God says Thou shall not have any idols... you should be watching NCIS a good demonstration of strong personalities, relationships, and killing. All idol gives you is Adam, who is really a woman, Randy who buys his clothes at Goodwill, Paula a has been, Simon a hard ass Brit and a few good songs.

    Just let it be!