Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Post #2 (Mother's Day Edition)

Four of the most wonderful women in my life are the greatest mothers I've ever known. They all have made me the woman I am today and have impacted my life in indescribable ways.

Grandma (Dad's mom) has always satisfied my love for food. Always. She's one of the most amazing cooks I know and literally fed my hunger for black olives every Sunday for countless years.

Dearmom (Mom's mom) always brought a smile to my face. Whether she was correcting your grammar, reminding you not to "gaffaw" in public, cheering on the Bulldogs or telling stories about Willie (her husband), I always enjoyed visiting with her. 

My sister was my greatest enemy until she moved away to college. (Laugh, laugh. Snicker, snicker.) But if I have to be honest, she always been the one person that I wanted to be like. However, she also taught me that being yourself is the best person to be. She's my second mother, of course, and was never afraid to tell me that a boy that I was dating was "not the one" so I didn't need to waste my time.

But oh, Libby, my mother. The one who gave birth to me. I can't even describe my love for this woman. But I'll try. I've compiled a list of my most favorite things about my mother and I hope it gives you just a glimpse of how amazing she is.

(If this post seems jumbled and not concentrated, it's because it is. I'm typing while watching the Celtics/Magic game.)

- Her passion for the Mississippi State Bulldogs is unparalleled. I can always count on my mom to call after the last shot of a basketball game, or after the first timeout. I, seriously, talk to her about sports more than I do with my dad, the one who played.

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to her sing. I can't remember a day in my life that I've been down and hearing my mom sing hasn't brought a smile to my face. And it makes me so proud when people talk about how beautiful her voice is.

- Her nonchalant reminders.

- Her smile and her laugh.

- Her massive but close circle of friends.

- The way people talk about her, whether it be her personality or her talent.

- The way she sees someone she knows everywhere she goes.

- Her humility.

- Her compassion for her students.

- The way her students love her. Past and presents. I love meeting people she taught when she first started teaching and hearing them talk about how much she impacted their lives. There are countless people out there in whom she instilled a love for music who would have never had that if not for her.

- The way she would take students home when she worked at Siwell and Forest Hill. 

- The way she loves my Daddy. And the way she shows it.

- How she cared for Dearmom, sacrificially and unconditionally.

- The bond she has with her siblings.

- The way she is just more than my mother. She's my friend.

- The way she taught me to love my God. 

I'm sure there is more to add but I know this list is getting long. 

Long post, short. Mom, you're incredible. I thank God everyday for picking me to be in your family. Happy Mother's Day!

(This is where the picture of me and my mom would go but I have no pictures of the family on the Macbook yet. My apologies.)

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