Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blog-Linkity Goodness 5.27.09

Nothing much worth talking about today but I have several things/links I wanted to share with you all.

As always, numbered for easy reading:

1. Head football coaches fighting like school girls over the good-looking quarterback. I have to say, Steve Spurrier is becoming more and more one of my favorite college football coaches. I LOATHED the guy when he was at Florida and absolutely love it when we beat them in '99 in Starkville, but I've grown to respect the man after finding out what an advocate he is for Title IX and women's sports (he makes his players go to all women's sporting events) and ballsyness to call out a fellow coach for making stupid moves professionally.

2. This post by C Jane absolutely slayed me today because I too struggle with transitions. Especially when they involve alarm clocks.

3. I love love love reading Angie's blog because she's such an amazing writer. She could write the phonebook and it would be a masterpiece just because she puts her whole heart and soul into what she writes about. God has definitely given her the gift of writing and story to tell and she does so all for the glory of His name. It's amazing. She wrote today about the cyclone that hit Kolkata (yes, I spell that right. It's the new spelling.), and I ask you to read her post because it's so personal and then join in praying for those affected by this natural disaster.

4. Have you heard about this craziness?!?! Supposedly, the New York Times is reporting that Kris Allen won American Idol through the efforts of cheaters associated with AT&T. Read the article for all the details and see for yourself. At this point, I can't even comment on this because I am 1) flabbergasted and 2) laughing too hard. Seriously. I'm going to quote Anna Little on this (and plug the Hoodrat Stuff blog. Go read it. Very information and entertaining. Hilarious. All of it.):

"First of all, didn’t Ryan Seacrest say that about 1 million votes separated the two contestants on the final night? SO, if this incident helped to change the outcome (not the numbers, but the OUTCOME… which is what MATTERS) of American Idol… considering that “power texting” helps you send 10 texts at once… that means (do the math)… about 100,000 people would have had to have been given these AT&T phones and taught how to “power text” to make Kris the winner instead of Adam. Do I think that AT&T gave out 100,000 free phones to 100,000 people between 2 AI-watching parties in Arkansas? Think not. Get a life, Lambert fans. Kris is the American Idol. Go home and paint your fingernails black. Sell your sob story someplace else."

Well said, AGL. Well said.

5. If you don't know Stuff Christians Like, get to know it. It's one of the best blogs I read on a daily basis. Jon Acuff (whom I found out is a Samford grad. Woot! Woot!) is one of the best writers. His mix of sarcasm, passion for the ministry of the Lord and just plain ol' life experience makes for good entertainment and thought-provoking posts each and everyday. Sometimes his posts are just funny, sometimes they are serious. And sometimes, like today, they start out funny and end on an amazing I-never-thought-of-it-that-way kind of note. Today's post is a must-read. It's all about wishing being a Christian meant having a pain-free life. In fact, the title kind goes like that. And read it. You won't regret it. And when you do, come back and tell me that you don't regret it and I'll tell you, "I told you so." Because I like doing that.

6. Big Mama's post today had me rolling on the floor laughing. Or as my webby-texty friends like to say "ROTFL". Anyway, read it. I only hope to one day have kids with the same imagination as these kids. In fact, I don't doubt they will, given my sister's and my ability to throw together an all-out Christmas production complete with painted props and spotlight at a moment's notice.

7. And last but not least, I leave you with a video. Because there's nothing better than watching six minutes and 15 seconds of pure hilarity supplied by college baseball players in a five-hour rain delay. This is why God makes it rain. Well this, and to grow the earth and all.

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  1. A) I'm so honored that I got a plug on your blog.

    B) I love your numbered style.

    C) And I love Steve Spurrier. Even when he is a jerk, I can't help it.

    I'm watching this video right now and ROLLING in my cubicle. Thanks for the laughs :)