Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog-Linkity Goodness (or craziness) 9.10.09

- This is what Charlie Sheen's says about 9/11. No wonder I've hated everything he's done in the entertainment industry. He's nutty anyway.

- American Idol has replaced Paula Abdul. And they've put Ellen in here place. Brace yourselves America. I remember when she was a guest host on this past season of So You Think You Can Dance. She was funny, but I think I might have had to throw something at the TV had she been there all season. She and Kara should make an interesting pair.

- This is probably the greatest prank attempt for college student, but the most dumb one at the same time. 470 feet of extension cord? Really? Ever heard of this?

- Only in Detroit (I know, I was stuck there overnight this summer) can a person get 45 traffic violations and NOT go to jail because "Detroit and Highland Park police lacked jail space". And only in Detroit will you get a response like the following from an officer of the law when asked about the lack of jail space: "It's just a little hole in the system," says Lt. William Wilson of the Ferndale Police Department. "And so, there's the ability to keep skating along like she did."

- This is like shouting "Go To Hell Ole Miss" during the National Anthem. Except it's kinda funny in this situation.

- Who talks about their sexcapades in a Capitol hearing room?! Apparently, this guy.
In other non-news related linkage:

- I don't cook, but this recipe for shrimp quesadillas on the Pioneer Woman's blog makes me want to actually attempt to cook a meal.

- This post of John Acuff's about child-like bravery was very inspiring.

- Laminin by Louie Giglio. I've shared it before and I'm sharing it again. It's so powerful.

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