Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog-Linkity Goodness 9.30.09

1. First, let me just say, I'm not going to get into the whole Black History Month, reparations, reverse racism conversation. I grew up in public school with black friends, some of those being my best friends at times. Overall, I don't understand the whole racism thing, but then again I wasn't around for the things that went on 40, 50, 60 or even 200 years ago. I do understand that there are people in all races that can ruin perceptions for their own races by the actions that they have chosen to display. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch, right? It's not a black/white issue. It's not a Native American, Latin American, Asian American issue. It's the fact that we haven't fully learned how to love each other with the love that God has shown us. That's the real issue here.

This kid is 11 years old. And his wisdom confounds me. Mad props to his parents for instilling beliefs in him that all men are created equal and are responsible for his/her own destiny despite his/her race, creed or socio-economic background.

Although I have to admit that I was guilty of using this word is reference to a coule of friends in high school, I now agree with this kid. This word sends chills up my spine when I hear it in any forum these days.

Just take a look.

2. Another video. If you've got 12 minutes to spare, please watch this. I need this guy to yell at me every day to snap me out of my sin-filled false reality. This is complete boldness in the Word of God and the only Truth can save us from eternal damnation.

"A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit."

3. This post by Melanie blessed my soul in a big way today. I love when married women share their insights on being single, because they've all been through it before. And she's right, the hardest part of waiting is the waiting. But I can't sit around a wish for the day when I will be "made whole" by another person because I'm being "made whole" right now in God.

4. Bryan Allain never fails to give me a laugh first thing in the morning. And this post that he has up today is classic and priceless. And if involves Jack Bauer.

5. And just for a little bonus, I found this while Google searching the Wikipedia of Jack Bauer.

6. John Travolta coming to his senses about Scientology? Let's hope so. I've actually prayed about this many times. When his son died, I prayed for this family for a week. I felt a little stupid for praying for a celebrity, but celebrities are real people too, right? I don't understand how someone can be a part of a religion that doesn't acknowledge sicknesses that its members have. They just ignore it or call it something else and don't treat it or cry out to God, the Only One who can cure it, on behalf of that person. This is why God made people who become doctors. I'm going to keep praying that this situation while drive Travolta and his wife as well as other people to look closely at what they really believe and eventually find the One True God.

7. Lastly, as a former cheerleader, this caught my eye. These girls have been using scripture on their signs since 2003 and now they are being told it's a violation of the First Amendment. Personally, I think the whole First Amendment card is played way to much to the point that people are confused of what it actually means. Anyway, if cheerleaders can put sayings on signs that say, "Cage the Tigers" and get no response from PETA (the most overly sensative organization on planet Earth, I think these girls should be able to put whatever they want on their signs as long as it's family friendly. And this coming from the girl that okay-ed a sign her senior year that said "Burn Natchez (Matches) Burn". Yikes.

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