Monday, September 21, 2009

Things That Have Made Me Happy Today

1. This little bit of goodness from Ree at Pionneer Woman. Just look at that picture. Pinapple wrapped in bacon?!?! Is this what they will serve in heaven along with Krispy Kremes and cookie cake?

2. My sister sent this to me today and I immediately want to pick up and move to NYC only for the reason to go work at FAO Schwartz. And well, the afore-mentioned obsession too.

3. Shanna is a friend I acquired through other friends that I grew up with. (And she also happens to be married to a guy I went to high school with.) She went to school with my church friends and one thing my church friends were good at were intermingling friend groups. Anyway, it makes me giddy inside to see people use their unbelieveable talents to glorify the Father, and that what Shanna does along with Blake (who just happens to the husband of another one of those friends, Sarah.). The duo started back at MSU at the Wesley Foundation and have been leading worship since. They are simply called, "Blake and Shanna". Based in Nashville. And they are good. The proof is in the video. I've been watching/listening to these all day long.

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