Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Press On Toward The Prize

I never win anything.


(Except for that one time I won that contest in third grade for composing my own piano piece, but I'm convinced that I was the only entrant so the above statement still rings true.)

You know those contests and giveaways that give you more than one chance to win a prize. Like you can enter a bazillion times to increase you chances of winning. Yeah, I could be the ONLY person to enter a bazillion times and I still would never win.

I would lose.

L-O-S-E. Lose.

Losing is no fun at all.

I'm convinced that God thinks that I have all I need right now and that I don't need that glow-in-the-dark shark pen that that lady is giving away on her blog nor do I need the 7.2 million dollars from the Florida lottery.

(However, I'm pretty sure the lottery is like gambling and I'm pretty sure Jesus was against gambling, so maybe God has a good point there. But I promise I'll give a portion of my winning to the down-trodden. Deal? Huh? Bueller?)


So I've set out to change my fate.

I'm going to enter every single legitimate contest/giveaway/sweepstakes I come across however many times I'm allowed, to prove to myself and all the world that I am, in fact, not a big ol' loser. No siree.

Let the games begin...

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