Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Free Music... and A Message To Boot

Shaun Groves has become one of my favorite people to hear sing but even more, to read. His words pierce my heart with truth that undoubtedly come from God and his passion inspires me to be who I should be in Christ.

He's offering a couple of free downloads from his website while also sharing with us opportunities to live out our faith here in this world.

The first song is "Sing" and his story that goes along with in hits very close to home with me. He tells his story about the family and friends that stood by him with the love of Christ through a season of doubt and depression that almost stole his Joy.

The second song is "Kingdom Coming". He challenges us to see past what we are free from through salvation to what we are free for. He speaks of the duty we have here on Earth to engage in the Kingdom and take care of each other, rich to poor.

Click on over, get some free music and be blessed.

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