Monday, October 6, 2008

Ah, Nostalgia...cough, cough

Careful not to choke. It's often a dangerous thing.

I'm a memory person. I remember EVERYTHING. Just ask my family. They are often amazed at the things I remember and the details that are stuck in my mind of things. So many things have memories attached - movies, songs, places, sayings. So many things. So, often I find myself wandering off into a catatonic stage of nostalgia, remembering certain times with certain people, certain friends, and thinking, "Those were fun times," or "Wow, I really thought I was happy then."

So have you ever wanted one of those moments back? Have you ever waited so long for something or someone to come around and when it finally does, you're just over it? Do you find yourself just shrugging and walking away? This happened to me the other day, and I can't explain to you the feelings of joy and pride I had when I realized that I was actually over something. I was completely done with the situation. Dunzo. I think I've been done with it for quite a while now, going on about a year and a half maybe, but to see that actual completeness and closure right in front of me, was so great. I was truly proud of myself for finally seeing that I can move on with my life.

As most people know, or as I hope most people know, God gets the glory and praise and thanks for anything that happens to me in my life. I've realized more in the past three years than anytime in my life that God takes people out of you life for certain reasons, just like he puts other people in your life for other reasons. I've had several people taken out of my life in the past few years for various reasons, and although, I'm sad for some, others I have to really thank God for. A couple of these people are still somewhat in my life, but they play no considerable role whatsoever. They do not affect my everyday life anymore, and I count that as a blessing. I truly believe that if God hadn't stepped, as he's so great to do, and taken those people out of my life, and taken me out of those situations, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

So, thanks God, for never giving me more than I can handle, and providing a way out, whether through my own choice or your intervention.

In other news...

This weekend was a pretty successful weekend in my sports world. The Samford volleyball team won their ninth straight match (the longest win streak since 1991) and are now 15-2 (the best start ever). The Samford football Bulldogs won their first game against a SoCon opponent (it's our first year in the conference) and the Mississippi State Bulldogs didn't lose. I mean they didn't play, but still they didn't lose.

On the other hand, I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to watch 12 innings of complete crap as the Red Sox choked in game 3 against the Angels. Five and a half hours is not an acceptable game time for any sport. I'm hoping they get it together and finish it tonight. And I know the announcers have a job to do in informing the audience of the streaks and records and other things like that but they keep jinxing the game when they talk about it. Oh, and someone needs to teach Craig Sager how to dress. He kills me every night with the mint green and pink and orange coats and purple striped ties and oh boy. I'm sure he wears what he wears so that the cameras can spot him easily in the crowd but still...

That's all I've got for now. Until next time...

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