Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You say who is on what?!?!?

Ole Miss is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Yes, folks. The same Sports Illustrated that flaunted the large piece of man-ness know as Michael Phelps just a month ago. The same Sports Illustrated that had Paps and his crazyness on the front last year. (Sidenote: This crazy man named Craig who is reporting for the ALDS sure does not know how to pick a sports coat. It's orange. Or maybe that's just my TV.) Yes, even the same Sports Illustrated that had Lawrence Roberts wrapped in Chirstmas lights sitting on Santa's lap just five years ago (Ok, that was SI On Campus, but it's still the same company).

And for the record, I won't post a picture of the cover because I refuse to litter my blog with such rubbish. Google it if you choose. Anyway, why are they on the cover, you ask? Who freakin' knows. The tag line says: Rebels rise. Upsets change everything. Ole Miss 31, Florida 30. Alabama 41, Georgia 30. Oregon State 27, USC 21.

You may ask, "Why Katie. What is your problem?" I'll tell ya. Let's look at the rankings. Florida was number four. Ole Miss, unranked. Georgia was three. Alabama, eight. USC was number one. Oregon State, unranked.

Let's just forget the lovefest that Sports Illustrated has with Houston Nutt and Nick Saben for a second.

Although USC was a very overrated number one, I think Oregon State deserves their props.

Let's look at the facts:
- It's been 41 years since Oregon State has beaten a No. 1-ranked team.
- The Beavers had a 21 point lead at halftime.
- Although SC pulled the ever-famous come-from-behind that they always do, they couldn't get the job done because of a guy named Greg Layburn who intercepted a pass with less than three minutes to go and ran it back to the SC 2-yard line.
- Freshman at quarterback for OSU.

Ole Miss has upset people before. Florida has been upset before. My mind goes back to a little game last year against a team called Auburn, who had just lost to a team called Mississippi State (19-14) two weeks earlier. The score: 20-17. Auburn. Just about the same calibur of team that Ole Miss is this year. Only Ole Miss has a better quarterback this year. Yes, I said it. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

So with that said, give Oregon State some love. They probably weren't even receiving votes in the polls. I'm thinking Ole Miss might have been. I know the SEC is the best conference in the nation, with the Big 12 coming in at a close second. But the PAC-10 is bad. USC is miles above it's competition there. They go to Corvallis and just get embarassed for the first three quarters of football. That's an upset, no matter how you look at it. Home field advantage or not.

So, Beavers. I salute you. Way to play the underdog card. Well done. SC fell to nine. Florida, to 13. Ole Miss, still unranked.

Now I must go cheer on the BoSox. They are playing some wicked bad ball right now.

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