Monday, October 20, 2008

Charleston View

If you couldn't tell by my last couple of posts, I was in Charleston, S.C., this past weekend with the Samford volleyball team. I think this is the most horrible and most fun trip I've ever had with them. The eight-hour trip up took 12 hours for various reasons (see below posts) and after we had an hour added, we got to the hotel in Charleston at 2:45 a.m. on Friday and had to be up by 10 a.m. the next day.

We had breakfast at Breuger's Bagels, which is my new favorite place. They have the best cinnamon sugar bagels ever.

We completely bombed against College of Charleston (the other top team in the conference besides us), had our 12-match win streak snapped, could no longer say we were undefeated and pretty much got our hineys handed to us on a platter.

So to cheer us up, one of the girls' parents has a friend who owns three beach houses out in Mt. Pleasant, I think. We had dinner at one of them and it was great. I really wish I had gotten my camera from the hotel so I would have pictures of the beautiful view but so it goes.

Anyway, we got back to the hotel early, 9ish, and everyone crashed. Well, except me and Jen (one of the assistant coaches). We had to stay up and watch the Red Sox win.

The next day we started off with breakfast at IHOP. Yummy! Then we headed to the Citadel to play the last match of the weekend. This place is neato. It's like your driving into a medieval fort of some sorts. Very interesting. I've included some pictures of this because I remembered to get my camera out of my bag before I put it on the bus. Enjoy.

The view from across the drill field. I sort of wish we would have been there on a weekday to see all the groups drilling on the square.
A plane. This plane was actually flown by Citadel graduates. Cool, huh?

The national anthem. It kind of had a different feeling in this place. If you looked around, there were lots of people just standing at attention, looking straight ahead. Very cool. These were someo of the nicest people though.

Lineups. In blur mode. I had my camera on "action" but it still came out this way.

A lamp post.

My feeble attempt at being artistic.

And last but not least, boys in uniform on guard duty.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Too bad the Mississippi State Bulldogs couldn't pull out a "W" and the Red Sox got cheated out of trip to the World Series. Oh well, Go Rays, anyway.

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