Thursday, October 30, 2008

Katie's Headlines

1. The Phillies won the World Series. Boo! Should have been the Red Sox but they blew it and got beat by the Rays, which means the Rays would have been my next choice. I guess the Rays couldn't handle the cold weather.

2. THE NEW YORK KNICKS WON A GAME!!!!!! This is huge news since they haven't won a game in well, like, ever. Not really, but they have sucked it up the last several years. Last night, they beat the Heat (sorry Dwyane), 120-115. Only once last season did the Knicks get to 120 points last season. And they did it with Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry benched. Thank goodness, NY got Mike D'Antoni.

I'm sure this guy is happy. And I'm happy he's happy. Just look at him. He started and scored 16 points. Ah, David Lee. "One win guys. That's one. Yippee."

3. Birmingham is cutting education budgets and handicapped bussing in Jefferson County because they don't have enough money. There is also a massive sewer debt. I'd understand this dilemma if our winner of a mayor, Larry Langford, wasn't spending millions upon millions of dollars to get the Olympics in Birmingham in 2020. Seriously, let's get all our ducks in a row first before we start stunting the future of our young people and before we take away the only way that our city's handicapped can get around and feel like normal people. I have friends who use that bus system everyday. A few weeks ago, they were going to go down to the city council meeting to state their case, but the electricity in their building (which is an assisted living building) just happened to go out before they were able to leave.

I'm all for restoring downtown and sprucing up the city and building a domed football stadium, but not when it costs our young kids' rights to a good education and our city's handicapped to a better way of life.

Mayor Langford, let's get our priorities straight. Take care of who makes up your city before you start worrying about what it looks like.

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