Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Happening

Have you seen this movie? It's full of craziness. We are watching this movie on the mammoth bus ride home from Charleston, S.C., and I'm starting to wonder why we put it in the DVD player in the first place.

We are only halfway through and it's been on crazy "happening" after the other. You should here the screams that are coming from this bus, not to mention the crazy comments.

"Don't breathe when you go outside!"

"Run from the wind!"

"Shut the window you idiot!"

"That old lady is one crazy _____!"

I don't what is causing all the "happenings". It seems to be some crazy supernatural pollen-type substance in the air, making its way through the Northeast by way of the wind. It seems to be causing some pretty intense allergy headaches because all these people start walking backwards and then killing themselves. These guys must not have heard of Zyrtec. Otherwise, we wouldn't have this problem

I'm speaking from experience that allergy headaches are nothing to mess with. I've had some doozies lately but never have I wanted to kill myself or bang my head through a glass window.

Ok, so it's just the movies and maybe it's something more than just pollen but whatev. This is a crazy movie.

I'm also pumped about my wireless internet card from AT&T. I've got internet on the go and now I'm currently keeping up with game seven of the ALCS -- GO SOX!

Ok, the movie is over and it was the worst ending ever. If you must, rent it yourself. At your own risk.

Now we are going to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who picks out the next movie. Good luck, Dex (our coach) is the only person who brought movies. And he was weird taste as you can tell. The Happening belongs to him.

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