Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Musings Of Katie

Here's the third post of the day. I think that has to be some kind of record for me.

I think today I woke up and decided I wanted to (or maybe God decided to make me) be witty because I think I've been extra witty today. I have witty days and not-so-witty days. I like to think that the later are few and far between. I rattled off some kickers today and even laughed at myself.

I don't like to toot my own horn. Those closest to me know that I'm pretty humble when it comes to things that I can do. I'm aware of my capabilities, however, the extent of which I have them, I pay little to no attention to. Or at least I don't declare it to the universe. When someone tells me I did a good job on something, I either get really shy and turn red or I sarcastically remark at how amazing I am at it. A few weeks ago, everyone at work say that I needed to sing the National Anthem at one of our games. I laughed and said I should definitely be the last resort for that job. When I do something for someone, and they say "Thank you", I have a hard time saying "You're welcome." It's kind of weird. It always comes out as "Sure", "No problem", or "No prob Bob". And then I immediately chastise myself and say, "Katie, this is when you say you're welcome." I don't know. I'm weird.

Anyway, other than the above, I've been thinking about really random things all day long and I thought I'd share them with you. (Because I can.) Lucky you. Yay for me.

I heart golf carts. Until two years ago, I had never driven a golf cart. I'm not even sure I had ever ridden in one. Oh, wait. There was that one time at State. Ok, so once. Anyway, the athletic department, more specifically Marketing and Operations, has its own golf carts. (Because we're cool.) No really, because we do a lot and have to be in different places with lots of stuff at different times on game days. However, during the week, we often use them to get across campus. (Because walking is just too much work.) So usually when I have to go to university relations (the people who design and print our media guides) which is all the way across campus, I borrow a golf cart, if there's one free. It's like my own little convertible, without having to pay for gas. I love the feeling of the wind whipping through my hair at 18.4 miles an hour.

I'm amazed every day at how incredibly good I am at puzzles (This is one of those rare "tooting my own horn" moments.) Got a riddle? I more than likely can solve it. Find-A-Word? Time me. Jigsaw puzzles? I'm excellent. Wheel of Fortune? You have NO idea. I like taking things apart an putting them back together. I was in awe of the guy who came to fix my computer screen the other day as he took my computer apart and replaced the screen and then put it back together. I guess that's the engineer in me? The only thing I am just really bad at is Sudoku. Numbers. They scare me.

This weather is perfect. I've always been a summer girl. I love summer. Probably because you get to go to the beach in the summer and I love the beach. However, this Fall weather has been INCREDIBLE. I walked out of work today and thought, "Wow, now this is football weather." You know, it's the kind of weather that makes people want to take a "brisk walk." (I did immediately go home and get out my running shoes and go for my own version of a brisk walk/run. That is, run until my foot throbs and the walk the rest of the way.) Anyway, this weather always makes me think about football. High school football in particular. It actually makes me want to go throw on my cheerleading uniform just for kicks. But that would mean I'd have to saw myself in half to even fit in it. I need the other half, people.

Okay, what is it with couples sitting side by side in pick-up trucks? (I think I just channelled Jerry Seinfeld.) I don't really get it. It's too cheesy for me. (No offense to those who like to snuggle in the F150.) Of course, this couple had a Roll Tide tag so it just made it even more disgusting to me. There's a whole seat for a reason. The only time I have ever sat in the middle of a truck seat was when I was little and my sister and I would ride with my Dad. I was the smallest (and the coolest) so of course, I had to be in the middle. Plus, I could easily fit on the removable console. Not so much anymore. But I digress. So all you men...out there vying for my love, just make a note: Katie will never sit in the middle. I know, I know. Never say never.

If you are a fan of The Hills or even if you aren't, you have to check out this blog if you're bored and like to read extremely funny and sarcastic things. This girl is hilarious. She recaps the episodes but in the most funny, sarcastic ways. Her rewriting of the dialogue is priceless. I laughed so hard I cried and almost peed myself. Ok, TMI.

I love that you can see Southwest Airlines planes in the air. They are so brightly colored that it's hard to miss them. I saw one today as I was running (ok, ok. I was walking. But I had just finished running. Ok, like five minutes before.). Anyway, Southwest Airlines, I choose you. You're cheap and colorful. You win.

I think that's the end of my list. Now, if you'll excuse me. There is more pointless reality TV to be watched.

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