Sunday, September 28, 2008

Travelin' Man...ahem...Woman

So we are on our last leg of the volleyball trip from hell. Seven hours up to Davidson, N.C., four plus down to Stateboro, Ga., and then six more home to Birmingham, Ala. And we've spent even more hours on the bus inbetween.

I think I've calculated that we've spent more hours on the bus than sleeping and definitely more hours on the bus than off while awake.

I think the trip is starting to get to me as I woke up this morning with a migraine, having about 25% sight out of my right eye. I didn't help that I didn't realize that I hadn't put my contacts in until I got on the bus. I talked the bus driver into letting me stay on the bus and take a nap while the girls went in to practice and warm-up. I feel much better now after emptying my bottle of Excedrin Migraine. Ok, I only took two. Anyway, I'm good to go and ready for our last match of the weekend. Our girls have rocked so far. They are 12-2 and I'm so proud of them. They are so much fun to watch.

I left my book at home so I've had much time to think on the bus, since I can only listen to so much of my iPod over and over and over during study hall times before we pop a movie in. So far we've watched I Am Legend, Transformers (again), about 30 minutes of People Under The Stairs (Gadberry's pic) and most of An American Haunting (also Gadberry's pick).

You learn a lot on these trips, even some things you may not have wanted to know. Here are a few things I've learned:

- Rachel Gadberry has the weirdest taste in movies.

- Davidson basketball should have a better arena for all the success they've had over the years. Most people think that they just had a lot of success last year but it's really been an ongoing thing.

- Stealing is just not an option for me. I found a Davidson Nike basketball and so badly wanted to take it home. However, "Thou shalt not steal" came screaming through my head, so I voted no on that decision.

- The crappier the hotel is on the outside, the better it is on the inside. And vice versa.

- Although the Bulldogs made it a game with LSU last night, we still have some major offensive issues. The West Coast Offense needs to die a quick and painless death. It doesn't work for college teams. At least, we've remedied the quarterback issue for now, or at least we hope. And Derek Pegues needs to play both sides of the ball.

- I shouldn't worry about people who don't care.

I'm sure there is more but my mind is currently on dodging volleyballs. I'll add if I can think of any more.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday. Pray that we will make it to the state line before we run out of gas. The whole state of Georgia is out of gas. Yes, you heard that right. OUT OF GAS. What the crap?

Oh, by the way, check out my friend Amanda's (or as I like to call her Crafty) blog, or vlog. She's currently on her second stint in Tokyo, ministering to college students there. She says she's horrible with words so she thought that she would do video blogs. I'm pumped to see what she vlogs about. She's an awesome girl and is totally obeying her call over there. Please be in prayer for her as God uses her to claim hearts for Him.

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