Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Game On!

I received this from a friend (shout out to Chris!) the other day and almost fell out of my chair onto the floor laughing. It's priceless. I immediately declared game night at house to my coworkers, and just as fast, took it back after realizing that I just invited an unruly mix of LSU, Alabama and Auburn fans to relentlessly make fun of me. Oh well...I thought it would be fun to share it with the blog world.

So here it is...for those who haven't seen it already...The MSU Game of LIFE. (Click to enlarge. It makes it all the more better.)

(And yes, this is my second post of the day. I will possibly be working on a third in a bit. I promise I do work. It just doesn't seem like it today. This week is somewhat an off week as all of my sports are either not competing or on the road. So basically my duties for the week are to make sure the SIDs at the opposing school have what they need from me and then pack my bags and get ready for a seven-hour bus trip, to and fro. Sometimes I wonder if I have a lighter work load than others -- which is quite possible and I try to even that out by offering my help to others -- or if I just sit in my office during "work hours" and do my work instead of roaming around to other office and bothering people. I like to think that I'm just a busy bee who does her work quickly without complaint. Someday it's true...)

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