Thursday, September 11, 2008

I got the photography bug...

Tricia and Amanda have shown off their photography skills in the last few days and they got me wanting to go take some pictures myself. I've been wanting a fancy-shmancy camera to do great artsy photos with for a while but Katie hasn't had a big girl job long enough to save up the $700-$1000 bucks it costs to buy one. Back in the summer, my Dad gave me his old film camera that he used to take pictures of us (and other things) back in the day and Sunday was such a gorgeous day, I thought I'd give it a go with some black-and-white and colored film. Keep in mind as you look at these photos, the flash is broken (so no flash - good for some pics, very bad for others) and I only had one lens. I'm hoping to search some pawn shops and eBay for a new flash, other lenses and other accessories. It was kind of fun using the old film camera (except not being able to see your pictures right after you take them). Anyway, enjoy!

I did a little playing with this one in photoshop.
(Color photos in post below.)

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