Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Fun...Yearbook Yourself!

I've heard about this site from several people but never really played around with it until this morning. I was procrastinating. I can't work when I'm hungry. Anyway, it's called, and it comes up with some pretty funny stuff. Check out Katie..."through the years."

1952...That's kind of believable.

1966...Judging by the poof, my sister did my hair this day.

1972...This one too.

1976...I think this girl is on the 1976 composite at the KD house in Starkville.

1978...Rockin' the 'fro!


1994...I think they just super-imposed my head on my cousin Jessica's body because there is definitely a picture of her just like this somewhere.

1996...Does anyone else think I look like Stephanie Tanner from Full House in this one? Loving the jean vest.

1998...Sorority girl smile! I seriously think this is a hybrid of my best friend Lauren and me. This is definitely believable.


  1. i totally love the fist under the chin look. nice.

  2. I'm a fan of 1952- if you ever wonder if you can pull off a really short haircut, there you go!