Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Never Over

First of all...As hard as it is to believe that Christmas Day has come and gone, Christmas (and Easter for that matter), is never over for me. Both are year-round as far as I'm concerned. It's comforting to know what God did for us and what Jesus' birth and death and resurrection means for all of us and it gives a different meaning to the Apostle Paul's words, "Grace and peace to you all." Interesting, huh?

Now on to the less meaningful stuff...What did Katie get for Christmas?

Before I tell you about the one present on my Christmas list that I REALLY wanted and got, I'll tell you about everything else.

I got...

... a beautiful cross necklace from my mom. She really knows how to pick out great jewelry for me.

... several a couple of framed pictures of me and the nephew. One was from him. Sweet kid.

... a fantastic dress and cute cable-net sweater from Ann Taylor LOFT that I picked out myself. Now, I've just got to find somewhere to wear the dress. Maybe I'll crash a wedding or something.

... an awesome knee-length woolish maroon coat, also picked out by Yours Truly. I just wish it would be cold so I can wear it. This 70 degree weather in the heart of winter is killing me.

... a great yellow scarf from Casey which I just wear around the house for fun since it's too hot outside for it.

... PJ pants and slippers, a Third Day shirt and Jelly Bellies from Kel.

The next three things deserve their own separate paragraphs.

As many of you know, I've become quite obsessed with multiple births. I'm not really sure why. My mom says I should watch out lest I be cursed...ahem blessed...with more than one child at a time should I ever be given the chance to experience such an opportunity. I read several quad blogs -- the Steece's, the McNulty's, the Murray's, the Goerlich's and recently the Lambe's and Suzy (I don't know her last name but she just delivered her four bundle of joy on Christmas Eve). I also watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 every time it is on TLC. It's safe sto say, I'm obsessed. I talk about it all the time. It's insane.

So my sweet Daddy, being the observant one he is, got me this for Christmas.

I was so pumped. See, not only do I just love this TV show, I love this family for the testimony that they are living out day by day. Jon and Kate Gosselin have chosen to tell their story on television and in this book, along with various speaking engagements, without leaving out the most important writer of all, God Almighty. The parents of eight give God his due honor in every sentence that is written in this book. I started last night and I'm almost halfway through it.

One part that I've read so far was when the couple was urged to seriously consider "selective reduction". Both refused given their beliefs and Christian faith. They chose to play the hand God had dealt them and ended up with multiple blessings!

Last but not least, my mom and dad got me THE ONLY thing that I wished for this Christmas. Santa came through. I present to you...

The iPod Touch

I have not put this down. And to make it even better, my sister and bro-in-law gave me a leather case for it, considering my proneness to drop cetain expensive items (i.e. digital camera in Honduras).

I'm so pumped about this gift that all I've done for the past 30 hours (well, minus the 10 hours of sleep) is add free apps and play with my new gadget.

I think we've created a monster.

I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas full of fun times with loved ones and true reflection on what the true meaning of this holiday season is all about.


  1. what a great christmas! i, much like you, am fascinated by multiple births. i LOOOOVE jon and kate. my cousin got that book and was so excited about it. happy reading!

  2. I gave my mom the jon and kate book and everyone in my family has been reading it! I can't wait to get my hands on it and read it myself! I got an iphone and I'm obsessed with it as much as you are with your touch. who knew technology could be so entrancing??