Monday, December 29, 2008

My Most Favorite Reading Material

The day after Christmas, my mom presented to me my most favorite magazine (and probably the only magazine I read cover to cover), the Mississippi Magazine 2009 Wedding Register. I absolutely love this magazine because I love seeing people I know (and people I don't know) and just how their special day went down. This year was really fun because a fellow Kappa Delta sister Lindsey (Swedenburg) Pond and her cute beau were on the front with a most fantastic picture (The picture to the right is obviously not this year's cover).

I love reading where the events take place and about the dresses and who was in whose wedding. Seeing the pictures of the dresses and such is so fun too. Casey and I met at Pepper's that night to eat dinner and what to my surprise, she brought the same magazine with her. It was kind of funny. It made talk of her fast approaching nuptials even more exciting.

My mom and I were talking today, and I looked at a picture of her wedding day that is on the wall and commented how fantastic her wedding dress was and how that style is coming back in a major way. Then I remembered an advertisement I ran across the other day in the magazine of this company that restores/updates vintage (mom and grandmom's) wedding dresses. I've mentioned before how I would love to wear her dress if I ever were to get married, and then we started talking about what could be done to it while still keeping the original look to it.

I realized we were a million steps ahead of ourselves but said if I were to ever find someone to marry me, he wouldn't have to wait very long because I'd have the whole thing planned out already.

There's no harm in planning ahead, right?

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