Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kids Are Great...Especially When You Can Send Them Home With Someone Else

Last night, my roommate and I carried on our tradition of offering free babysitting to our neighbors and friends. We've done this for the past two years and although our schedules were jammed packed these past two weeks, we were able to find a night to offer our services.
We roped in some guys and girls from our Thursday night small group and ended up having seven people altogether who were willing to help, considering that we thought we would have quite a large showing of kids. Last year, we had about 10 kids with only about five people helping.

This year's turn out was quite smaller, only four kids were able to come. But one of those kids, equalled about four kids himself, energy-wise, so things worked out.

Out of the seven people that volunteered to work, only four of them showed up and one was an hour and a half late. It was no big deal. It was fun anyway.

(Melissa, sweet Denver (2), handful T.J. (almost 2), Kelly, Sam (7) and Amelia Grace (4)...everyone is intently watching Cinderella III, except for T.J. I think this was the most still he was all night. Notice no other guys in the picture. Dan showed up late. It was his idea, and he forgot.)

Speaking of Cinderella III, we watched it twice. I'm guessing this is the alternate ending of the original Cinderella movie. It picks up right after the Prince's ball and somehow the step-sisters get a hold of the fairy godmother's magic and Anastasia was able to make the glass slipper fit her. I'm not really sure how it ends, other than the fact that Cinderella and Prince Charming live happily ever after of course.

We watched Cars too. Well, half of it. Denver decided halfway through it that he would rather watch All About John Deere. This, from the looks of the box, is a sort of "Baby Einstein" take on John Deere tractors. Boy, was I mistaken. Some catchy tunes but this is in no way Baby Einstein-ish. The 10-year old boy that was narrating was throwing out some technical terms that I've never heard off and I'm almost positive he would have a hard time spelling. However, two-year old Denver seemed to know what was going on.

On a completely different note, Birmingham is hosting one of the first rounds of the Davis Cup. Yeah, the tennis championship between the U.S. and Great Britain. How does this happen?!?! First we bid for the Olympics. Then we get the Davis Cup. Read more here. I really wish I could go but I'm pretty sure I'll be in the Hub City (Hattiesburg, Miss.) March 6-8 for a softball tournament. Sadness.

Oh, and have you heard about Ole Miss head basketball coach Andy Kennedy being arrested for assault in Cincinnati. Read more about that here. I know Mississippi State hasn't had much to brag about with basketball coaches, especially after Richard Williams (except for the fact that we went to the Final Four under him, but doesn'ts sway my feeling of him either), BUT I still have to chuckle a little bit. Golden boy no more.

I'm pretty sure today may be a day full of blog posts. I've pretty much finished up the work that I need to do before the holidays and I'm not really motivated to start a new project. So look for more.

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