Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Dreams May Come

Last night I dreamt that I was on So You Think You Can Dance. By this I was elated, of course, because obviously someone in my dream world thinks that I have some sort of dance ability worthy of being televised.

And I'm not saying I just tried out and appeared on TV. I was ON THE SHOW, folks! I'm talking I was in the top 10, people! And this guy below was my partner.

Yep, that's Mark. The kid I rooted against this whole season. Don't get me wrong. The guy is talented. It's just that...well...he was slightly too prissy for me...and I loved Twitch more. I guess this is my subconscious getting back at me for rooting against such talent.

This, however, is not the strangest part of my dream. To some of you, this is no surprise.

The weird part comes when I realized that a) the show was being filmed in my high school's auditorium and b) that I was semi-dating my partner Mark. And y'all, he was no where near prissy.

The only thing I really remember is the end. Mark was consoling me as I was upset by something, probably a crude remark by Niegel about how my crooked finger on my right hand completely throws off the line of my arms. Whatev.

The next thing I know, I'm walking up one of the back stairwells of my high school to the math hall with two girls who went to my school for two years and then left and we walk into the atrium... (drum roll please) of a mall! What the crap! Where is the coming from?!? Then everyone starts quoting lyrics from Legally Blonde: The Musical. Mind you, I haven't listened to that soundtrack in at least a month.

Oh wow, the things we dream.

On a completely different subject, I've decided to post my Christmas Wish list, just in case you want to by me something. (No? Okay. Just checking.) I will follow it by my Christmas Want list, which is a totally different thing.

Katie's Christmas Wish List
1. A MacBook
2. iPod Touch
3. The Bourne Trilogy (Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum)
4. The Ocean's Trilogy (Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen)
5. One or all of the following books: Now by Shannon Primicerio, Crowded Skies by Tara Lee Cobble, Here's To Hindsight: Letters To My Former Self
6. A GPS for my car
7. Nikon 6.1 MP Digital SLR D60 Camera

Katie's Christmas Want List
1. Lots of quality time spent with family and friends
2. Do something for someone with a servant's heart...just because
3. Eat at Pepper's (Mmmmmm!)

Those three things are a whole lot more valuable and worth it than the seven things listed above. There are so many things I would love for Christmas, but this year I've just been so grateful for what I have and for who I have been surrounded with that it doesn't really matter if I get anything on the first list along as the second list gets checked off.

Finally, just a little video to share for a chuckle. This has been making its way around the internet for the past couple of weeks and I saw it again today and had to share it, just in case you haven't seen it.

Beware of Charlie... (I love how Charlie just laughs it off. Too funny!)


  1. Not to be a nerd, BUT if you are seriously considering a digital SLR camera, I would recommend the D60 over the D40. They are pretty much the same except you can get the D60 at a better price right now and it also has Image Stabilization which helps with the "shaky hand." From what I can tell, D60 has a larger range of F-stops, if that matters.

    Ok, Nerdiness ceases:)

  2. No problem- oh and MSU does online continuing education courses. I did one for $80 that was a 12 week Intermediate Photography course. It's definitely worth it. The instructor really breaks it down into "Stupid" or layman's terms. My pictures have gotten so much better!