Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Letter To Ole Miss

Dear Ole Miss,

Thanks, again, for letting the world see what "Mississippi's finest" is all about.

The lengths you go to to show the nation that Mississippi is indeed one of the least racist states in the country continue to amaze me. (end sarcasm)

To those who continue to live in an era before the 1950s, just a few opinions:

1. The South will never "rise again" because the north and the south are one nation now. Red and yellow, black and white. We are all one nation, under God. If you don't like it, move to Russia.

2. The Ku Klux Klan should be disbanned for life. The values that they stand on go against any and all that the "Bible Belt" should be proud to uphold. If you want to continue to gather, may I again say, move to Russia. I don't care what the First Amendment says. To me, you are no better than the terrorists who claim to do things in the name of Allah.

3. To the students of the University of children of the 20th century and Generation X, Y, Z or whatever generation it is -- one of the most tolerant generations ever -- you should be ashamed that you are affiliated with a university that would allow the Ku Klux Klan to march on its campus in support of a stupid song. For the love of all that is right with college football, IT. IS. A. SONG. I'm sure it they took "Who Let The Dogs Out" or "Bad To The Bone" away from Mississippi State, the students wouldn't stage a protest, sitting in blazers and ties behind the goal posts. They would find a new song to create a new tradition. One that doesn't offend an entire people group. And I know what you are thinking: No, my cowbell doesn't offend cows.

Get over yourselves and become human beings.

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  1. I like Dixie and always will, and I don't consider it a race thing, I'm convinced that there are a bunch of people out there with to much time on their hands who just look for things to point fingers at, whether they be white or back.

    just goes to show you "stupid is as stupid does"!!!!