Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12 Things In 11 Days - #10 Wrapping Presents

I love wrapping presents. I love it so much that I'm thinking about opening my own present wrapping business. I think I could make some good buck.

Not only do I love wrapping presents, I'm quite good at it (if I can toot my own horn for a minute).

In middle school was in the Gifted program and we did this thing every year around Christmas time called the S.H.O.P Project. It was a market of sorts for charitable organizations and the gifted programs for the schools in my district were the ones that presented these organizations. The school group chose what charity to support, we did research, met with administrators of the charities and put together a booth to present that organization in a way that would encourage people to give money, whether it be selling things, asking for donations. Whatever.

Our charity that year was PALS, which was a shelter for battered and abused women and children. I think our object was to raise money for the shelter and have gifts donated.

Part of our display was going to be a Christmas tree with presents around it. I volunteered to wrap boxes to put around the tree. The day I did that in class, my teacher thought I was so great at it that she asked me to wrap her sons Christmas gifts. So, the next day she brought every single one of her son's Christmas gifts to school with her and I sat wrapping while everyone else did work.


So if you've got some last minute wrapping you need done, and you don't feel like doing it, and you live in the Metro-Jackson area, give me a call.

I'll be glad to do it for a nominal fee.

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