Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12 Things In 11 Days - #9 MSU Basketball In Town

So today's favorite thing about Christmas time is that the Mississippi State Bulldogs actually come see me the week of Christmas instead of me having to go see them. Because that's so much easier.

The Bulldogs were in town today in the Capitol City at the Big House playing the Centenary Gentleman for a little pre-holiday action. I was so happy that I was actually getting to go to an athletic event and be a fan since that's not really a reality for me in my line of work. Cheering on press row is profoundly frowned upon in the sports information world.

I got to see this guy in action.


And this guy, who I am absolutely falling in love with, along with every other Mississippi State fan, scored his first points of the year tonight.


That's Sudan native John Riek, for those of you who don't know. He actually scored six points and had seven rebounds, which I thought was pretty darn good for a kid who barely knows English and doesn't understand the American way of basketball so much yet. Plus, kid has a lot of body to lug around. A. Lot. He reminded me of Marcus Campbell a little bit with is lanky-ness and awkwardness on the move.

Speaking of former basketball players, I sat behind one of my favs tonight. Whit Hughes. I had the biggest crush on him when they went to the Final Four in 1994. I remember seeing him at my cousin's wedding many years ago and because star-struck. So when he walked up tonight (I didn't recognize him at first without his swoop of hair), I freaked out a little inside. I was completely placid on the outside however. Ahem.

His sons and I ended up bonding over those silly band things (Silly Bandz). Then they started asking me questions about basketball. And I wanted to say, "Kids, do you know who your daddy is?!? He's the one you should be asking these questions to!"

Anyway, the Bulldogs won. By a lot. And drained 14 three-points. Always my favorite thing.

'Twas a good night.

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