Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Dozen

Lid's Random Dozen. Here we go...

1. Which Wizard of Oz character are you most like?

Why, Dorothy, of course! I've wanted to be her all my life. I love the way she befriends the strangest characters in the story, the ones who are looking for that missing piece in their puzzle. They help her out as she helps them out. They bring out the best in each other. And they work together to defeat the greatest evil. I like to think that's how it is with my own friends.

2. When you're deciding what you're going to wear each morning, which item do you select first?

I think the main piece (the shirt or dress). Then go from there.

3. What kind of animal do you think the world could live without?

I'm sure they serve a great purpose but snakes really do just creep me out

4. How many Christmas trees are in your home?

Only one right now. I don't have much room for more.

5. Would you prefer to be emotionless if it meant you didn't have to feel a heartbreak?

Absolutely not. The good in my life has always outweighed the bad and if I were emotionless I would be robbing myself of the joy that God has blessed me with.

6. Do you ever experience holiday let-down or depression?

If I have, I haven't really noticed.

7. Do you like Michael Jackson's music?

I really do. PYT. Thriller. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough. Mostly his older music.

8. Why is it that we never judge people who have their teeth fixed for cosmetic reason, but every other cosmetic procedure has a stigma?
That's a good question. I actually thought about that today because I saw someone with an abnormally sized nose. I thought to myself, "Self, if I had a nose like that, I believe I would have to get that fixed just to make myself feel better." But I've often said that people should be thankful for what God gave them. I'm such a hypocrite.

9. Enjoy horseback riding?
I really do. It's so relaxing. I wish I could do it more. I don't think I've ridden a horse since I was in seventh or eighth grade.

10. Shoes -- practical or stylish?
I tend to lean more towards unnecessary. Ha. I'd have to say practical because I'm all about some flip-flops in the summatime, but really when it comes down to it, I love me a stylish shoe. (Just have some flip-flops in your bag, just in case.)

11. What was the name of your first pet? Feel free to post a pic.
Sandy. I really wish I had a picture to post. She was a great dog. Part basset hound, part yellow lab. Oh, she was loyal.

12. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done?

Oh, dear. Zero.

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  1. Hey Katie! Yes, we're back lifing in Birmingham. It happed so fast, but we're finally getting settled. We'll have to catch up one day soon... and we really might take you up on that babysitting offer! :)

    take care.