Monday, January 5, 2009

Do I Have To Choose?

First things first...

A) I think I look really, really cute today. Just nod your head in agreement. I know you would think so too.

B) Freakin' GO KNICKS! My Knickerbockers beat the Celtics last night and I totally just watched David Lee go aerial and do some serious dunking. Man, I love that kid. God bless Sportscenter and highlights.

C) I realize that my post yesterday probably seemed a little jumbled and made little to no sense at all. Take that as a view of what my brain looked like. (I was also distracted for a bit by the SNL Special Edition on NBC with a collection of sports spoofs throughout the years. Who knew Tom Brady was such a clown, and a good actor might I add. Michael Phelps, not so much good at the acting. But I'll still take ya, Mikey. No worries.)

Basically, I'm in a rut. A serious cold season in my life, if you will. I feel strapped and confined by my job and the little Katie inside is screaming to get out. I didn't realize how loud she was screaming until this morning when I had to go back to work, but nevertheless, she is screaming.

I just texted my friend Kyle and asked him if he wanted my job because I don't really want it anymore. Um, yikes. And nothing bad has actually happened. I'm just restless. There are things here that just don't excite me anymore. And when you're job doesn't excite, it's time for a change, right?

Anyway, onto the less depressing, more fun and reflective stuff. It's survey time. This should be interesting. My favorites from '08, straight from LT's blog. With my own answers, of course.

Favorite song in 08: Hmmm...this is hard. I like songs. I have lots of favorites. I think I'll just say my most recent favorite. Cindy Morgan's "Praise The King." Major old school but so much goodness in it. It really sums up my year.

Favorite movie in 08: Definitely, without a doubt, The Dark Knight.

Favorite new friends of 08: Coworker Hollye. Oh, and sweet church friend Raegan. It's so exciting to see God work in her life and listen to her talk about it all. It makes me so much more desperate for Him and proud that I know Him in the same way she does.

Favorite concert in 08: Hands down, Dave Matthews in Memphis. Although is was wicked hot, it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing and an amazing show.

Favorite musical group in 08: Leeland and Hillsong. Both have cranked out some doozies that have seriously broken me down in a great way.

Favorite purchase in 08: I don't really remember a lot of the things that I've purchased in the past year. Nothing really huge I don't think. Just the necessities like clothes and food. But I did buy The Italian Job from Walmart for $5 a few months ago without even having seen it before and I watched it for the first time last night. As it ended, I whispered to myself while patting my shoulder, "Good call, Katie." That's one good movie.

Favorite baby born in 08: I don't know really any babies born in 08. My nephew was born in October of 07 and he's most definitely my favorite baby ever. Although, my cousin had a baby in the Spring and he's pretty darn cute too.

Favorite TV show of 08: Here we go...The Office, 24, LOST, Chuck, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Aces of Cakes, Project Runway

Favorite vacation spot of 08: Most definitely the beach, any beach. But this summer it was Ft. Walton Beach. Pedro's!

Favorite photo taken in 08: Well, considering that I don't have all of my pictures on my computer here, I'll just pick from the ones I have.

This picture has nothing to do with me but it's of one of my favorite moments of 08. It's right after my men's tennis team had won the conference championship and the young man that you see on the ground is Hank. That's him mom and our grad assistant Manny with him. The championship came down to his match, and it was against our most heated rival. Hank fought through major cramps and a nagging injury to win the championship for the team. He was determined not to give up and play his heart out. And when he finally won, he just collapsed. Hank was a senior and what made this moment so great was that he was in the same position just two years ago. The championship rested on his shoulders and things didn't go as well as they did for him this year. I remember sitting behind him with another administrator and his family. And seeing the pain in his eyes in the third set. He was hurting. He hesitated a bit on one serve and the coach ran over. The coach said, "What's wrong? What do you need?" And Hank answered, "I just need you here." I think I cried a little. That is what it's all about. That's the great thing of having a coach-player relationship like that. You know that you always have someone on your side, especially when it's an individual sport like that. I will always remember that moment.

So there ya go. That's my look back to 08. Now I'm looking forward to 09. Whatever it may bring.


  1. i, too, purchased the Italian Job for just $5 at Wal Mart. It's by far one of my favorite movies ever!

  2. Hi Katie! I do remember you! Thanks for leaving me a message. I'm glad to see you are doing well. Did you know that I went to Samford? Yep! I went there for my Freshmen and half of my Sophomore year before transferring to MSU. Interesting place! Keep in touch!