Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Wish I Knew

I'm watching the Inauguration on ABC (America's Favorite Channel - not really, I just like yelling at the TV and telling Diane Sawyer that she's making stuff up), and I think it's finally hit me, that magnitude of the day.

I didn't vote for Obama nor do I agree with much of what he plans to do as our president, but I can appreciate what this means for our country, and I have no doubt that God has raised him up for a reason. He can do that; He's God.

(I must pause a minute and say how incredible gifted John Williams is. He could arrange the Alphabet Song into a masterpiece.)

However, I can't shake the feeling of...cynicism, for lack of a better word. As a matter of fact, I don't really think that's the right word to use at all.

I just wish that I could really feel the magnitude of this day. I mean, to me, it's just another inauguration. Another guy becoming president. I don't see an African-American up there becoming the President of the United States. I see just another American fulfilling a dream, which is, I guess, how it should look, right?

I grew up in intergrated public school. I never looked at people who didn't have the same skin as me as different people. They were just a different color. I wish down to my core that I could feel what other people are feeling today, but maybe it's just a blessing that I don't.

My parents were in high school when the schools in Jackson were integrated. I sometimes ask them what that was like. And they explain it to me. And usually it comes across that it was really no big deal, or at least to them it wasn't.

(Ok, I just got a glimpse of something cool. Do you realize that two miles in a straight line directly across from Obama's view is where Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his unforgettable speech. Have we really come full-circle?)

So, now, I'll got back to procrastinating work and watching ABC and yelling at Diane Sawyer that she's making stuff up. ( And if she talks one more time about how surprising it is to see how GW seems to "actually like Obama" I'm going to go to Washington myself and punch her in the nose.) But, hopefully, I'll feel a little of what other people are feeling today. Or maybe I won't.

P.S. I had a friend ask today if America will be more unproductive today than they will be in two months during the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I told him, I don't know about the rest of America, but I know that I will most definitely be worthless on a day when there is a college basketball marathon on television.

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