Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jack Bauer For President

In honor of the part one of the 24 season premiere tonight, I've compiled a small list of reasons why Jack Bauer should be our next President. I know it's four years away (and Jack Bauer is in fact a fictional character), however, it's never too early to start campaigning.

1. He never raises his voice unless it is absolutely necessary. The rest of the time he just whispers.

2. Dude has like 9,000 lives. He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'...or kickin'

3. He gets eventually gets what he wants, at all costs. Don't mess with him or he will bite your jugular until you bleed to death, stab you in the knee with a letter opener or threaten to gouge your eye out with a Bic ink pen, color blue. So, watch yourself.

And finally (bonus perhaps)...

4. He's got a way of talking a woman into going along with any plan, no matter what kind of danger she will be put in. Somehow I think she's lead to believe that with Jack Bauer, she has complete protection from any harm. In which case, she would be absolutely correct.

My fellow Americans, do we want a president who just stands and give orders or do we want a president who will go and get the job done himself?

Vote Bauer.

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