Thursday, January 15, 2009

iTouch You

Ok, maybe this wasn't the best title for this post but I wanted something clever for my first post written from my iTouch.

(I'm still obsessed.)

Given that I'm typing on a keyboard that would give the smallest of fingers a fit (and y'all...I've got some wicked small fingers), I'm doing a pretty dern good job of typing. And fast, might I add.

Can I just take a moment to mention the plane that is floating in the Hudson River right now? Um, holy cow!! I just watched an interview with a guy who was on the plane (I think) on Fox News and dude was visibly shaken. Who can blame him, right?

(Dude, I'm like typing lightning fast.)

Anyway, if I were in NYC right now, I would totally be in the midle of all the hoopla, as much as a curious bystander can be. You know, it's like a train wreck (or a plane crash, literally) just can't turn away, right?

But since I'm not, and I'm here, at work, at a basketball game, I'll leave my fantasy world and saunter back into reality and do my job...and pay attention.

Go team.

(I'm totally excited that my hecklerd are back. Gotta love good heckler. Especially when they are member of your own women's basketball team.)

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