Thursday, January 8, 2009

White Boys CAN Jump

Still tied, 7-7. OU is punting. Just in case you were wondering. But the game will probably be way over and done with but the time all five of you readers are reading this so just disregard the previous statement.

I must talk about tonight though. Samford's men's basketball team played it's first conference game at home tonight.

(Sorry, I have to brag a little bit on the employer.)

Anyway, they played a pretty tough Furman tonight after falling to Davidson (and Stephen Curry) by 21 on Saturday. Samford won tonight. By 11. So that's a positive.

(Tebow is pumping the crowd up. I must watch. Be back in a second.)

See, our guys, although they are 8-6 on the season, have had a pretty rough go of it to start out this year. I mean they lost to Ohio State 59-22 in the fifth game of the season. At Ohio State. And were down 30-6 at the half. Their coach seriously felt sorry for us.

Anyway, so it was good to get a win tonight. At home. (Especially since Stephen Curry and the Wildcats will be making their way to The 'Ham in about three weeks to play us. On national television.) Big confidence points for our boys.

Now, Samford is a pretty small school. Private school. We aren't really big on the sports radar. We've had our moments but we're no Notre Dame or anything. So we don't usually see much excitement on the court in the form of slam dunks and alley-oops. It's just not popular. Especially with our coach. He's a fundamentals, Princeton offense kind of guy.

(Touchdown Gators! I know you're enjoying my mid-post updates. You don't have to thank me. Just send money.)

So you can imagine my surprise to see, two, count 'em, two slam dunks tonight. One by a black player and one by a white player.

See, brothas are supposed to dunk. That's just what they do. They dunk. White boys make free throws. It's an unwritten rule in basketball. So it didn't surprise me to see Trey go aerial and dunk over two guys with one minute left to play in the game.

However, it was all shock-and-awe when one of my favorites (Yes, I have favorites. I can do that) B-Fry, as well like to call him (First name - Bryan. Last name - Friday. B-Fry) got a steal and took it to the hoop for a very humble dunk shot. One-handed might I add.

I had flashbacks to Shane Power's dunk in '05. First and last dunk for the kid. It will probably be the same for B-Fry. You know, white boys just have to prove that they can do it sometimes. But, who knows, there's still a lot of ball to be played and he could surprise me again.

So, I say to you, white boys can jump. And dunk. Even if they don't have all their teeth.

(Seriously, he had like eight teeth knocked out last year. Ok, maybe like two or three but still. He's got a hole in his mouth. And he's not afraid to admit it.)

(And if B-Fry happens to stumble across this post one day in a random Google of himself...Bryan, you know I only tease out of admiration. So no personal business here. I speak out of pride.)

Okay, there are way too many injuries happening in this National Championship right now. I must go and watch.

Go Gators!

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