Saturday, January 17, 2009


- Please go here and read this guy's series entitled Why Guys Aren't Asking You Out. It's hilarious, gut-wrenching and so true all at the same time. And he is totally biblical about it. It's good stuff. Thanks Annie for sharing.

- And this. Several people I know have already blogged about this before. I just got into reading this family's story and it is amazing. It's even more amazing to read what Angie writes as it is so entwined with a testimony of our God's graciousness and protection. It's a must-read, people.

- And finally, I saw this video on Jordan's blog and had to share it as well as pitch in my own two cents. Check out the lone white kid on the far right of the screen. The kid totally doesn't fit in and yet he does in some strange way. And you've got to give it to him, white boy has some made rhythm (and I totally just spelled that with my R-H-Y T-H-M chant that Mrs. Jennings taught me in sixth grade. Who says knowledge retention is moot these days.)

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