Saturday, January 3, 2009


...Or catch up. Whatevs.

There is so much to blog about. I would have done it sooner but I just think I was not motivated enough to blog for the past few days. I've had words and ideas and things swimming around in my head for days now but just have not found the "umph" to get it out of my head, into my fingers and onto the blog. I don't know why.

I'll just start with my trip to Gulf Shores to visit Bethany and her parents for New Year's. Filled with highlights. Just watch. I'll list for easy reading.

Highlight #1: Seeing this...(this is where I would insert a picture of what I saw but it turns out that when you are the only one in the car, driving is more important than taking a picture with your camera. At least I think so.

Right past Hattiesburg, I got behind this old white truck with something spray-painted on the tailgate in orange and blue. The closer I got, the better I could make it out. It read, "15" on each side with "UF" in the middle. It was a Tim Tebow truck! Considering my love for the Gator QB boy-wonder, I definitely chalked it up as the first highlight of my trip. I only wished I had a "Honk If You Love Tebow" bumper sticker at the moment.

Highlight #2: The Mobile tunnel. This has to be one of my favorite things in the world. I know, I know. You're asking yourself right now, "Why is a tunnel one of Katie's favorite things in the world?" Well, I'll tell you. It's tradition in my family, as I'm sure it may be in others, to roll down the car window, yell and honk the horn as you pass through the tunnel in Mobile. As I rode through it, my mind was flooded with memories of doing this very thing as a kid and even just a few years ago. I restrained from doing it as yet again, being the only person in the car, would have possibly called too much attention to myself and most likely cued my fellow motorists to call in the white coats and take me away.

Highlight #3: Being less than a mile from the beach. Enough said. (Although I didn't really get to go TO the beach.) It's one of my favorite places on Earth.

Highlight #4: New Year's Eve dinner at the Tin Top. Bethany and I basically shared a meal. We got sauteed crab claws (probably THE most delicious thing I've ever put in my mouth) as an appetizer, followed by salads and seafood stuffed grouper and finished it off with a piece of key lime pie. The portions there are humongous so Bethany and I shared.

While there we (or I) kept our eyes glued to the TV where the LSU/Georgia Tech game was being shown. As I've said before to several people, if I weren't a MSU loyal fan, I would definitely be an LSU fan. They are so fun. My brother-in-law is one and so I think that gives me a reason to cheer for them, well that, and the only bowl Mississippi State went to this year was the toilet bowl. Hey, I was just cheering for the SEC, right? Anyway, I cheered and clapped and cheered. And they won. BIG! Hence the picture below with my make-shift paper napkin sign.

Bethany giving the thumbs up. I don't know if it was the food of the game.

Bethany and me at Tin Top

Highlight #5: Last but not least, my favorite highlight was getting to hang out with one of my bestest friends in the whole world, Bethany. She's just about my only single best friend yet and we understand each other like nobody else can. It's good to spend time with such a great friend with such a great head on her shoulder and be able to bounce thoughts, ideas and emotions off of her. Yay for best friends!

Anyway, that's about all the ketchup I have. I don't make resolutions so there will be no post about that. If I decide to do something serious, I don't just make a resolution to do it. It's a long thought-out process with much prayer and consideration so it's more of a life change I guess. As far as small things go, I don't resolve to do those either because I don't want to let myself down if I break them, and that right there is no enough motivation to not break them.

I'm still working on my big post about future changes that I've mentioned before. This is a really hard thing for me to actually blog about because that would mean that there would be a possibility that it would actually come true or happen, which it a little freaky for me. I think I've been putting off writing about it because I'm a little afraid of what my fingers might actually type out and I think I'm a little intimidated by the imminent changes that are on the horizon.

Nevertheless, I'm ready to get the jumbled mess that is in my brain out in written form. I think it may actually make some sense then and I won't be so afraid of it anymore.

Stay tuned.

Before I go, I must mention two things.

#1 - My unabashed love for Dave Barnes. I've written about him several times. He undoubtedly one of my favorite musicians ever and I like to brag (not really) about how I knew him when...way back when. His mom and my mom are best friends. There were Chi Omegas together at state, best friends throughtout high school and college roommates all four years. Now that's some tight friendship. There are old pictures of playdates with me, my sister, Dave and Beth, Dave's sister, but yikes...I won't share.

My love for him does not stem from this "I knew him when" concept at all, however. My love stems from just how much of a great person this guy is. It's unbelievable. He's incredibly talented, both musically and comedically, and he's still one of the most humble people I've ever met. He knows that his talent comes from God and keeps that in mind and he's passionate about helping his fellowman, far and near, with the gifts and blessings he's been showered with. And he's genuine. God bless him.

#2 - Did anyone see that new show on CBS tonight called Game Show In My Head? Freakin' awesome is my review. This show, hosted by Joe, the guy who used to host Fear Factor, sends people out on the streets with a little bud in their ear and he tells them crazy tasks that they have to do. And if they complete them, they get a certain amount of money. It's hilarious, the things that these people do for money. Here's a snippet.

Too bad it cuts off before the really fun part. I'm sure you can watch it on

I hope everyone's 2009 is off to a great start. "Ketch" ya later!

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