Friday, January 23, 2009

Who Are You?

My ticker to the right of the screen (that way ------------------------>) is about to (or just did) get to 5,000. That means that this measly old blog has had 5,000 hits.

(And I know that about half of them are probably me. But that's neither here nor there.)

Anywho, I want to know who is reading. I want to know who you are. All five of you.

Did you know there's actually a holiday for this? It's called Delurking Day. And I think I missed it by like a month. Delurking is when you read a blog and don't comment...or something like that.

I just want to know who reads. And I know you do. Because of my handy-dandy button over there (------------------------------------------------------->)

I don't know you by name, just location. And it's fun to see the different places. Someone in Australia totally loves me. Which is understandable considering I love Australia. But I'm pretty sure it's more because they keep googling things that I write about and Mr. Google brings them to me.

AND I get lots of referrals (that's a fancy word in the techno language) from LT's blog. I want to know who you are.

So please, take a second to leave a comment. All of you. Tell me who you are, even if I don't know you. I've done this plenty of times on the blogs of strangers so have no shame.

Let me know who is reading, this also includes you people who are my immediate family.

If you don't have a Blogger log-in, you can leave an anonymous comment, just make sure you leave your name.

And don't forget to keep reading!

I hope I've entertain and informed. As a broadcast journalism major, those two things are supposedly my calling in life.