Friday, November 21, 2008

Broadway Light and Snowy Days

Today's One Minute Writer prompt is Broadway. I couldn't pass up this subject since it's one of my favorites. Being a child of a music teacher and musical lover, and the sister of a music teacher and musical lover and former Broadway star "wannebe", Broadway has always been a big part of my life.
Even when I was little, I was always watching video tapes of musicals. I learned to love the stage and always wanted to be the star. And the Tony Awards are a special occassion for my sister and me.

I always went to see the touring musicals that would come to Jackson and was always around when my mom's students would do school musicals. My sister and I also loved to make up our own musicals and perform them for family members.

I can remember the first time I actually when to a musical on Broadway in New York. I was a freshman in high school and we went to see Titanic: The Musical. We sat on the front row, and I cried. It was amazing. The music was great and the acting was even better. We were sitting right above the orchestra and you could see to the side of the stage people waiting in the wings for their cues to go on.

Two years later, I saw the ultimate show, The Phantom of the Opera. It was, yet again, amazing! No wonder it has been running for so many years. It's incredible! My favorite seen while always be "Masquerade". The costumes are unlike anything and that song is so powerful.

Then for my senior trip, we went to London. While we were there, we saw The Lion King. Oh my. Wow! If that show doesn't change your life I don't know what will. The costumes are crazy inventive, with headdresses and animals attached to characters and such. And the voices. Oh, the voices. I have no words for them. We were on the second row for this and I was sitting on the very end. During the first number, Circle of Life, the animals come down the aisles from the back. So for 75% of the song, I was face-to-face with actors and actresses in full costumes, interacting with me. It was incredible.

After the show, we got to go to the alleyway where the stage door is and meet some of the cast. The kids that played young Nala and Simba were so great. I don't see how they did it. They do the show for two weeks and then go to school for three and so on.

Seeing that I have a song for everything, my life pretty much revolves around music. It makes me happy. There's nothing like a good song to put me in a good mood and if I can sing it, that's even better.

On a completely different subject, I woke up to snow this morning. We are in Greensboro, N.C., for the Southern Conference Volleyball Tournament and it's cold. Really cold. We woke up to a sheet of white on the ground this morning. Definitely not snow plow worthy but it was snow. I thought our trainer was going to pee his pants. Anyway, it was fun to see and I took a quick snapshot to share.

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