Tuesday, November 18, 2008


FYI...NBC.com's video is the epitome of sucky. I'm trying to get my Chuck fix while I work and it just keeps stopping and starting. It's like watching a bad DVD. I even tried surfthechannel.com and hulu.com (Thanks Betsy!) and it does the same thing so I'm guessing these sites get their streams from NBC.com. Ugh! I've missed sweet Chuck for the past two Monday's and I'm going to miss it again next Monday. And I can't afford TiVo or DVR like all you money-makers out there. I might have to write a letter to NBC. Maybe. Or maybe not.

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  1. We're waaaaaay behind on Chuck too. We're having to share DVR with Dane's fam cause we haven't gotten ours set up, and they don't watch it, and have other stuff recording at that time. And NBC.com sucks for us too!