Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Randomness In My Head

I don't have anything to blog about today but yet I feel like I'm about to open the floodgate and write book.

I've decided that I'm going to work on a blog idea for sometime down the road. I won't tell you what it is because if I don't deliver, I don't want anyone to be mad. I'll just say it's probably going to be more of a cathartic and creative release for me than it will be entertaining for you. But if you enjoy it, that will make me smile.

I'm struggling with the fact that it's ONLY Wednesday, but yet it's ALREADY Wednesday. Once you think the merry-go-round is going to slow down and the ride is coming to a close, someone just puts another quarter in and it gets faster and faster. I can hear the kids in the back yelling, "Faster! Faster! We need another master!" I'm starting to feel a little woozy. "Slower. Slower. Or I'll end up on the floor." Geez.

Someone was talking about their 10-year high school reunion today. My sister just had hers. Ha. She's old. But I can't laugh. That just means in three years, it will be 10 years since I graduated. That started me thinking...what will my high school reunion be like? Will we even have one? Does anyone care? I remember in our senior prophesies that we did in the newspaper that Emma was the most likely to be planning our high school reunion in 10 years. I hope she remembers that. Funny that I remember that, and I don't remember my own. It was probably something like, "In 10 years, Katie will be making up the next great cheer," or "In 10 years, Katie will be sitting at the news desk next to Matt Lauer." Who knows. Neither of those happened. I'm going to have to find that paper and read what it really says.

Last night, I watched the recap of Dancing With The Stars. Warren Sapp is insanely good at ballroom dancing for a 300-pounder. Sure his feet are horrible but who cares when he gets you looking at his crazy face instead of his feet. And have I mentioned this before? Lance Bass is SO NOT gay. Have you seen the way he interacts with Lacey. There are just too many questionable actions by Mr. Bass. And I think Lacey has a secret crush on Lance. Lance and Lacey. The names just fit. I think he played the gay card to get some attention and to get on DWTS. Maybe the Russians brainwashed him into thinking he was same-sex oriented while he was training to be a cosmonaut. I declare shenanigans!

I'm going to actually have a free Friday night this weekend. I think it should be considered a national holiday. I haven't had many of these this year. Plus, actually get somewhat of a Saturday night and I get a whole Sunday afternoon to myself. I can't believe it. I just wish I had friends to visit (ahem, Bethany! Just kidding. I know you're crazy busy.) but I may just enjoy laying around Friday night and Sunday afternoon because I can and I won't get many more of those this year.

I think I may be going to New York this summer for a mission trip with my parents' church, First Baptist Church of Jackson. The choir is taking a trip up there to do a few concerts and then mostly missions. My mom presented the idea to me, I was pumped and she said she'd see if the music minister would be game for me going. So far, he's said that he would love for me to go and I'm pumped. It's been a dream of mine to go back to New York since I went twice in high school and it's been a more recent dream to go and do missions. I'm pretty excited about the kind we will be doing to. We will be working with the Bowery Mission and Teen Challenge.

Well, it's 5:22, I've done all my work, and I'm hungry. I'm headed home to eat and watch some more 24 with Kelly, Raymond and Josh. Woohoo! Jack Bauer, here I come!

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