Saturday, November 22, 2008


Not much to say today. My girls got beat in the semifinals of the conference tournament and that's a tough pill to swallow after the stellar year they have had. Plus, the team we lost to was never considered a team we could lose to in the tournament. And there's a lot of history between our team and their team too, so it was tough to lose to them.

It was a five-game thriller/heartbreaker. I felt like I was watching the final. One thing I know though is that not one of those girls can say that they didn't give it all they had. I know they had to be exhausted after that battle and it's tough to go out with a loss, but they cannot say that they didn't leave it all out on the floor. We just got outplayed. For everything we did, they had an answer and there is nothing you can do about that.

We should be on our way home right now but Dex decided to let the girls stay for the night and be able to visit with family rather than jumping on the bus and riding for eight hours. We will be leaving tomorrow morning and should get back by 3 p.m., hopefully.

I'm glad that both my Bulldog football teams pulled out wins today though. Go State! And Go Samford! The Samford Bulldogs have a winning season for the first time in about five years and well the MSU Bulldogs...we'll just chalk it up to another "rebuilding year". Whatev. I'm just proud that Anthony Dixon got 170 yards in his final home game. Way to go out, A.D.!

Did anyone hear about Tony Romo taking a homeless guy to the movies? Yeah. The guy was supposedly begging for money outside of the theater and Romo just told him to come on inside. What a guy! Good to know we still have some gems/gents out there.

I'm completely wiped out now. It's only 8:50 p.m. here in Greensboro and I feel like it should be midnight! I just can't wait for my three day vacay in Jackson which is coming soon.. I'm so excited to see my family it's not even funny.

I hope everyone had a great day. Ole Miss still sucks and Go Red Raiders!

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