Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TITF #6: 24 and Online TV

Today I'm thankful for the greatest show on Earth: 24. I can't believe the new season premiere in two weeks and I'm going to be on a bus on the way back from Greensboro, N.C. (At least I hope that's the case because that would mean we are on our way back to Birmingham with a conference championship under our belt.)

Anyway, this show gives me a thrill that nothing else does. I'm not really sure what thrill that is, but, nevertheless, there is a thrill.

Last night, after basketball, instead of going to eat with work friends, I headed home where Kelly and Raymond awaited to watch the first three episodes of last season. I really forgot how much I love this show and how much of a man Jack Bauer is. If he were a "real man", I think we'd have no problems if he were to get into the White House. Life would be good.

Also another thing I'm thankful for is full episodes of TV shows online. NBC.com and ABC.com have become my friends since I got this job that requires so much time. I miss many episodes of my favorite TV shows (Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, 24, The Hills, Heroes, Private Practice, The Office, LOST) that I've got to catch up somehow. Last year, I watched the first two seasons of LOST online in my office as I did work so I wouldn't be "LOST" when I started watching the third season.

Hats off to whoever thought of this sweet little invention. You deserve the paycheck you get.

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  1. hulu.com and surfthechannel.com are two other GREAT place to watch missed tv shows! Charles and I don't have cable, so these are where we get our tv fixes :).