Monday, November 17, 2008

Water Woes

Well, the deadline has come and gone for water service to be restored to our home on Woodvale Lane. My thoughts: This is crap!

They are supposedly coming "sometime today" to turn it back on, but someone has to be there to "supervise", I'm guessing. Well, Kel's in Miami and I HAVE to be at work today. We have basketball tonight and it's a short week for me because of the conference volleyball tournament.

Hopefully Josh won't mind spending his free time today (Dude has free time everyday. No school. No job. Just a boy on wheels) at our house waiting on the water guys to come. If not, I'll be prostrate on the cold ground tonight when I get home with my hands down a dark hole trying to turn a mystery knob.

I kept dreaming last night that they my water was turned back on and when I woke up this mornig, nothing. I had to go to work and shower and then I realized that I packed capris instead of pants so I had to go back home to get the right wardrobe. Usually a person wouldn't mind going into work at 11 a.m. but not after you've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

This too shall pass.

"Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy." -My daddy

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