Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rock Hard Friendships

It's fulfilling for me to know that some friendships can last through anything. Years of silence, break-ups? Nothing for some of the friendships I have.

Let me explain.

I have a three friends who have been my best friends since I can remember. Friend #1 and I spent every waking moment together when we were little. Our moms were best friends so we were best friends. It worked out great. We were, and still are, so very alike, yet we are so different. She's a morning person. I definitely am not. She is a great cook (and had one of those Easy-Bake ovens). Me, not so much. We had lots of plans to do things together. Cheerleaders or majorettes at State. Teachers at the same school. Marry hot boys. She's done two out of three without me. Lucky girl.

In eighth grade, her mom died from breast cancer. In ninth grade, her dad remarried and moved her away from me. How dare he? For about seven years, we didn't see or speak to each other. Except for very rare, few and far between, times.

We reconnected my junior year of college and it's been so great. We talk every so often now and make it a point to see each other whenever I come home. Isn't it great that after, seven years, we could just pick up where we left off without skipping a beat. I love that.

Today I visited with two other friends. Friend #2 and I grew up in church together. We became best friends in about eight grade and we inseparable in the summers and my senior year of high school. We lost touch in the past few years but we were able to get together and catch up today, and yet again, we picked up where we left off. No beats skipped. I miss her friendship so.

Friend #3 is one of my five best guy friends in the world. We have a very interesting relationship, being that we've been best friends for about 13 years and we dated for almost four of those. I was going to marry him, he broke my heart. Several times. But we still remained friends. To those who say it can't be done, I dare say it can.

I visited him today to see how grown-up life is treating him. I'd say very well indeed. He, in fact, is a grown-up. It was so good to see him, talk about life, and joke about old times. We've been through a lot together, most of which could have completely ruined our friendship and turned us against each other. However, somehow, friendship prevailed.

Today I'm thankful for old friends, lasting relationships that stood the tests of time, circumstances and immaturity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Is anyone else pumped about the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. It's a Katie tradition to wake up and watch it from beginning to end. And people, I DO NOT get up early for anything on my own accord. This is serious business.

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